Dr. E. Steenbergen
Pathologist Radboudumc

Eric Steenbergen (1963) works since 2001 as nephropathologist at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in Nijmegen. He studied medicine in Nijmegen and has subsequently done his PhD thesis at Sanquin (Amsterdam).

During his training he devoted special attention to the field of nephropathology for several years under the supervision of Dr. K. Assmann. The pathology training was followed by a one year fellowship in renal pathology at the department of prof. Charles Jennette (University of North Carlina, Chapel Hill).

In addition to diagnostic and teaching duties he is imvolved in kidney research in Nijmegen, focusing on the pathogenesis of focal glomerulosclerosis.

Eric Steenbergen is a lecturer at the European Renal Pathology Course and at the Dutch Boerhaave course Praktische nefropathologie.