EURenalPath provides the primary diagnosis and consultations of kidney biopsies taken in the context of an internal medicine kidney diseases, both in primary renal diseases and renal transplantation. Urological tumor diagnosis is beyond the scope of EURenalPath.
We aim at sending you the first diagnostic results within two business days after receipt of the biopsies by telephone, email or by fax.

Primary diagnosis
The unprocessed kidney biopsies performed in your center can be sent (for specifics see above) to the EURenalPath center, where they will be processed for light microscopy (LM) and immunofluorescence (IF). Depending on your question and any specific requirements also electron microscopy (EM) will be performed.

EURenalPath also offers the option of consultation. For this, you can send to us the elsewhere already processed material, i.e. paraffin blocks, LM and IF slides (or IF pictures), EM images (or for EM fixed tissue).

Extra service
In addition to regular diagnostics, you can also benefit of extra services at EURenalPath. On request, you can get digital images representative of the biopsy. We are willing to participate to clinical meetings via video conference calls. Furthermore, we carry out special staining, such as collagen type IVα1, 3 and 5, and IgG subtypes.

We also offer our services in French.